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Toxic is a word I would describe your attitude to this diet, not to the food itself.If any product contains aspartame, give it a very wide berth.

My other question has to do with how much extra shopping one needs to do while on the plan.Anyways, wanted to say thanks for the review cause it tells it like it is.Also, make sure you drink plenty of plain water especially a glass or two before each meal as that will also help you to feel fuller sooner.Plus the diet itself is low in saturated fats and I read someplace that they are bad for arthritis sufferers.Its the act of forcing the muscles to work that improves metabolism and causes the body to burn more of the calories we eat.Nutrisystem diet program helps to incorporate a healthy lifestyle by controlling the food.Read the information brochures that come with your packaged meals as they will tell you what you can add.The answer is in educating yourself about what you should and should not eat and then putting it into practice by doing it every day.

I joined Nutrisystem, I am in my Week 4 and have hardly lost any weight.To hell with it of you feel hungry, just tell yourself that the hungrier you feel, the more fat your burning.And I liked that I could eat pizza every so often, even though it was usually gone in a few bites.If you had known that in the beginning, I guess you probably would not have spent your money on this system.It was real quick, came 2 days later and I got started right away.I thought it was good enough to order a second month cause I lost 15 pounds in the first month and then another 12 pounds in the second month.One of my friends also tried it for a month when I started my second month and she lost an amazing 14 pounds.

Nutrisystem Launches NuMi Digital Weight Loss System

Seriously, I feel they have a faulty product that they acknowledge as hit or miss and will not stand behind.I want to Partner with companies I do business with, not be a Mark to be fleeced.Have lost 47 pounds thus far and plan to try it another month or two.So i hopped on the website (had some motivation by one friend) and took the plunge.I am not pinning all my hopes on this but so far it seems to be a good experience.We found lots of food we liked and not one that was not tolerable.

In that time I lost 20 pounds and was actually never hungry nor did I have any problems with the food.Thanks Tesmer, the whole idea of the diet is based around convenience so if you have that measure of determination then you can succeed at losing weight with this diet food delivery plan.I was looking into Jenny Craig and I went to one of their review websites, and everything was so negative.Star ratings reflect scores of 1 to 5 assigned to Nutrisystem in seven categories by nutritionists, specialists in diabetes and heart disease, and other diet experts.Again I definitely recommend nutrisystem to anyone who has weight to lose and need help planning their meals to do so.I am a high fiber eater (at least 20 grams per day) but my body could not take the type of fiber in these products.At least NS gave me some interesting food and I loved some of the desserts.Carbohydrates that are broken down slowly by the body are considered low on the Glycemic Index, which is good.

But I think that being able to share with others who are trying desperately to lose weight is probably a major key to successful weight loss regardless of what plan you choose.I worked it over 3 months and lost a total 26 pounds in that time, which I was real happy about.

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out all the good and bad things about Nutrisystem.I read a recent report that states that there were something like 6.5 billion obese people living in the world back in 2006.No packaged stuff from the supermarket, its all home made from fresh meat and vegetables.I would like to lose a total of 50 pounds, and at this rate I feel like that would happen.

It certainly helped me get through the diet and lose an amazing 19 pounds in just eight weeks.Also, there are many recipes to revamp the entree through the addition of the veggies, spices, sauces.NutriSystem D: Significant Weight Loss For Diabetics. 39 Comments.

Although it is not as convenient, I did have more success on that plan several years ago and will give it another try.She went on it for a second month and lost another 16lbs so she ended up losing even more than she needed to and looks fabulous now.But cost for cost, for busy people who want convenience as a priority in their diet, its a pretty good shot at losing weight.Plenty of people will get a great deal of motivation from hearing you say how you not only lost weight with Nutrisystem but also worked with yourself to keep it off. its so important to get a good dose of high self esteem and a positive frame of mind going to make sure you get what you set out to get.My one comment is that in your review and in several of the comments you and others complain about all the space it takes up in your freezer.After the program you immediately gain the weight right back.I look forward to the next couple of weeks and reaching my goals.NutriSystem Nourish puts the power to lose weight in your hands, by providing the education to make healthy meals at home and overcome typical weight loss pitfalls.These are pantry items which do not need refrigeration but will melt inside the box.

I read with interest the problems suffered by one reader who had stomach cramps and you have my heartfelt sympathy for your misfortune.Also, should I cancel prior to the second shipment, I have read many comments that people are continually charged on their credit card.They are there to help you, even with the seemingly silly things.Take the time to select your meals rather than getting the core menu.